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AI Trust, Risk & Security Management Solution

Visibility is Mandatory – Governance, Security, Risk Management & Education is Essential

Gain full visibility into your organization’s GAI use – know who’s using it, how, and track prompts and data usage. Without transparency, effective management is impossible. Portal26 provides a unique and award-winning platform for strategic governance, security, development, education, and measurement.

Portal26 Provides Invaluable GenAI Visibility and Insight While Detecting and Mitigating Critical Enterprise Risks

The GenAI Genie has left the proverbial bottle! Employee productivity as well as business flows are rapidly evolving. As the use of generative AI has skyrocketed, companies are finding that they need visibility and insight into usage to help drive effective GenAI programs. Currently, there is minimal visibility into how employees are using GenAI and for what purpose. In addition, widespread and unmonitored generative AI usage has introduced legal, data privacy, intellectual property, and compliance risks that are challenging to monitor and mitigate.

Even as employees are untrained on GenAI tools and policy, IT and security teams are faced with “Shadow AI” which is growing fast and can be dangerous. Security teams are unable to easily investigate generative AI related incidents that took place in the past, and business teams have no tools by which to discern the true impact of generative AI on productivity and process.

For these reasons it is urgent and important for organizations to implement GenAI insight, governance, risk management, and appropriate guardrails for employee use of generative AI. This falls into the AI Trust, Risk, & Security Management (AI TRiSM) category as defined by Gartner.

The Portal26 AI TRiSM (AI Trust, Risk, Security Management) solution

Enterprise GenAI Challenges
  • No visibility to how employees are using GenAI
  • Productivity and business flows are evolving
  • Transparency is critical and as yet non-existent
  • Employees are untrained but adopting GenAI fast
  • External exposure is massive: IP/Compliance/Security/Data Privacy
  • Security teams are ill-equipped to monitor or investigate and cannot safely enable
Portal26 GenAI Hub Solution
  • Eliminate Shadow AI
  • Observe, audit, and investigate
  • Visualize/analyze usage, prompts, and productivity
  • Create, educate, trigger, and enforce policy
  • Measure and Mitigate GenAI risk
  • Deliver security, privacy, and compliance
  • Understand GenAI impact on business and enable responsible adoption

Portal26's Key Features - Enormous Benefits from Incremental Investment

Portal26’s AI Trust, Risk & Security Management Solution allows enterprises to manage GenAI Risks by gaining visibility into GenAI Usage, implementing security and privacy guardrails, enforcing GenAI policy, and enabling GenAI related monitoring and investigations. Explore our platforms range of features today.

Generative AI Visibility
Get immediate and real-time visibility into GenAI usage, prompts, and productivity.
Generative AI Governance
Create and enforce GenAI usage policy. Measure, monitor, and mitigate GenAI risks.
Generative AI Development
Create AI solutions that focus on privacy and security to smartly manage risk from the offset.
Generative AI Data Security
Implement security, privacy, compliance. Audit and Investigate GenAI incidents.

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