Portal26 named GenAI Visibility/Governance/Security Leader in Houlihan Lokey Cybersecurity Update 

Make Data Breaches Immaterial With…

Portal26‘s Converged Data Security Platform

Offering More Than AI TRiSM

Portal26 is more than an essential GenAI Visibility, Insight and AI TRiSM platform for GenAI strategy leaders. Our platform also acts as a strong data security tool that covers the breadth of enterprise architectures and all out-of-the-box support for a full range of data security and privacy controls.

A Pioneering 10-In-1 Data Security Solution

Our award-winning data security platform not only offers advanced data security controls, but a wealth of traditional controls and key based controls such as BYOK and HYOK, in one single solution. All of Portal26’s cryptographic algorithms are NIST FIPS 140-2 validated and provide granular field level evidence of encryption for day-to-day scenarios and for incident investigations.

The Most Powerful And Versatile Data Security Platform On The Market

Whatever your data security needs may be, Portal26 is the multi-award winning 10-in-1 solution that can help.

Platform Features
  1. Data Tokenization
  2. Data Masking
  3. Data Anonymization
  4. Data Redaction
  5. BYOK / HYOK
  6. Format Preserving Encryption
  7. Traditional Encryption
  8. Data-In-Use Encryption
Platform Benefits
  1. Securing SaaS Data
  2. Securing Enterprise Data
  3. Cloud Data Security
  4. Opensearch Security
  5. Elasticsearch Security
  6. Ransomware Defense
  7. Developer Led Security
  8. Supply Chain Security
  9. Zero Trust Security
  10. Security Compliance Management
  11. Data Privacy
Supported Platforms
  1. All DBs – RDBMS, Document DBs, Snowflake…
  2. Enterprise Search
  3. All Object Stores – AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, GCS…
  4. All SMB, NAS, and S3 based File Shares and File Servers…
  5. Independent Developer APIs for all Portal26 Security Controls…
  6. All Clouds – AWS, Azure, Google.
  7. Traditional Data Centre, Hybrid

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