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Welcome to Portal26's State of Generative AI Survey.

The survey—conducted in partnership with CensusWide—polled 400+ C-suite and IT professionals, Its results depict an environment in which companies are optimistic about the potential of Generative AI – but they’re also struggling to harness the role of  GenAI Visibility for enterprises, creating significant risks around governance, data security and more.

PORTAL26 State of GenAI survey Questions:

Q1. On a scale of 1 – 5, rank the level of competitive advantage Generative AI would give your company.

Q2. Do you invest, or are you planning on investing in GenAI for employee usage now or in the future?

Q2a. If you’re not planning on investing in GenAI for employee usage now or in the future, what is contributing to this decision? (Select all that apply)

Q3. How concerned, if at all, are you about the privacy risk and security issues around the use of Generative AI in your organization?

Q4. Are you aware of how many people in your organization are using a Generative AI tool?

Q5. Do you know what Generative AI tools your employees are using?

Q6. Do you have guidelines/policies for the usage of Generative AI in place?

Q6a. If you have guidelines/policies for the usage of Generative AI in place: Do you monitor guideline compliance?

Q7. How, if at all, are you ensuring employees do not make inadvertent errors when using GenAI? Examples of errors can include sharing private information or utilizing AI in violation of compliance mandates. (Select all that apply)

Q8. Has your company experienced GenAI-related security incidents and/or misuse?

Q9. How much education & training on Generative AI, if any, is provided to your employees on average annually?

Q10. On a scale of 1- 5, 1 being low not at all concerned, 5 being high extremely concerned, rate your level of concern for the following issues around Generative AI:

  • Shadow AI (Unknown Usage)
  • Governance
  • IP Protection
  • Data Security
  • Bias in Training the Model
  • Knowledge of employees on how to prompt
  • Compliance with external/rules regulations
  • Compliance with internal policies
  • Proper employee training of use

Q11. Is your company planning to invest in GenAI data governance tools? Select best match

Feel free to use this tool to look at all the data from the survey.  We just request that you provide attribution to Portal26 for any data you my use publicly and privately.   Enjoy — we hope you learn as much as we did about the adoption of Generative AI in the enterprise.