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SOC Security: why should you watch out for SOC Data – The Threat of Ransomware

With the use of data-driven insights to efficiently develop business operations, significant security risks come with the territory. Given the import of the Security Operations Center, cyber threats and attacks need to be prevented.

Cybercrime and security breaches are already on the rise, and countless businesses are particularly vulnerable due to inadequate cyber security. Let’s dive into – why implementing cybersecurity is essential for businesses with a Security Operations Center and how Portal26’s protection can efficiently secure your business!

Importance of SOCs Security

  1. To embrace innovative solutions: On average, 64.6% of IT security operations and services are now hosted on the cloud. Along with innovation comes more leeway for cybercrime, since attacks can now be automated using AI. This necessitates data protection in your Security Operations Center.
  2. To enhance performance: Clients are attracted to businesses with a pronounced online presence. The SOC offers a map for attackers to get data from, which can be compromised by a ransomware attack, shutting down online access to your clients.
  3. To prevent losses: Most organizations store sensitive information and need to enforce the least privilege and privacy control for their SOC. The SOC being a gold mine for attackers makes it highly vulnerable to data breaches.
  4. To establish brand credibility: Data theft or loss can impact a company’s reputation and brand credibility. This could affect the number of customers and investors willing to pitch in. Hence, ensuring your Security Operations Center’s privacy becomes crucial.

With competent cybersecurity, you can digitally empower your company while providing a secure environment for the staff, clients, and partners! This is possible only when data is protected, not only in storage but also during transmission and in use.

How to Prevent Data Security Breaches: Role of SOC

To understand security for SOC, it’s important to understand what it is.

  1. A Security Operations Center (SOC) is in charge of detecting potential threats, conducting an investigation, and putting in place adequate security operations and technology.
  2. In the event of a cyber threat, such as a malware infection, these functions assist organizations in minimizing network downtime and ensuring smooth operations.

A Security Operations Center is beneficial because it provides organizations with the resources required to prevent ransomware attacks. 45% of organizations have seen a sharp increase in cyber threats and security incidents in the post-pandemic period, making SOC a necessity.

Portal26 develops solutions that integrate with the security operations center to secure data and ensure privacy.

To gain a better understanding of the same, here’s a use case.

Cortex XSOAR Use Case

Cortex XSOAR is a Security Automation, Orchestration, and Response platform by Palo Alto Networks. The company has partnered with Portal26 to integrate Cortex XSOAR with the Portal26 Protect Content Pack.

Cortex XSOAR is the heart of the SOC while the Portal26 pack works with existing XSOAR playbooks to combine – security coordination, threat intelligence, issue resolution, and immersive inquiry.

Portal26 Protect adds the greatest level of data protection to Cortex XSOAR deployment, FIPS 140-2 with privacy controls, innovative key management tools, and data-in-use encryption solutions.

Portal26’s dynamic encryption of all data entering the Security Operations Center checks all the critical boxes. These include – data protection, confidentiality, internal controls, and safe storage for today’s requirements, making it an effective solution for data breach prevention.

This is how it works:

  1. The Portal26 content pack sits on top of the security operations center database in the Cortex XSOAR platform.
  2. As data enters the platform from a sim or any other tools, Portal26 encrypts the data and stores it in the database in this encrypted format.
  3. It also presents the data in UI using the standard views as a masked field, posing as a solution for data breach.

With Portal26 Protect and additional customized enterprise solutions, such as our GenAI visibility platform, you can ensure that your data never slips away!

To know more about product installation and the functionality of the Portal26 Protect Software, click here or to see the Software in action, please book a demo. 

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