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Portal26 Offers A Modern Data Security Alternative for Key Products Facing Imminent Retirement

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Portal26, the industry’s most sophisticated data security and anti-ransomware platform, rises to the rescue as industry changes force customers to abandon critical pieces of their data security strategy

As breaches increase in complexity, there is a significant need among organizations for security measures that protect various data configurations continuously. Data security experts recommend secure file-storage and sharing options that implement strong data encryption solutions to prevent ransomware attacks and ensure bad actors cannot read compromised data. Transformation within the security industry makes alternatives to legacy encryption products like Vormetric paramount to the well-being of organizations and their data. Recent changes in the industry have laid the groundwork for Vormetric alternatives like Portal26 to offer a frictionless path to maintaining file encryption capabilities and additional features to support modern data usage scenarios. 

To assure customers impacted by recent changes in the data security industry and to provide further data protection support, Portal26, the industry’s most advanced data security protection platform, recently issued an announcement that its solution offers a modern alternative to Vormetric encryption, with a seamless transition.

Understanding Portal26’s Advanced Data Encryption Solution

The Portal26 File Share Security module provides capabilities throughout the data storage, usage,  and transport process. These capabilities include data-at-rest encryption and role-based decryption. Furthermore, the platform has adapted to shifts in customer needs, providing a rich set of modern features that are cloud-friendly and speak to complex modern use cases, such as ransomware and extortionware defense, secure file sharing, cross-cloud enterprise key management, hold-your-own-key (HYOK), elimination of unauthorized browsing of files and folders, and support for post-incident forensics and audit. Portal26 also offers encryption-in-use and searchable encryption that enables encrypted files to be searched without decryption, further strengthening the enterprise’s security posture all within a shared interface.

In addition to securing files, utilizing Portal26’s data security solutions enables customers to secure object stores, enterprise search platforms, and databases and utilize the industry’s most advanced encrypted analytic vault for advanced search and analytics without data decryption or detokenization. All Portal26 modules support both cloud and on-prem deployments without loss of continuity when data is migrated from data centers to cloud environments. Encryption from Portal26 is NIST FIPS 140-2 validated.

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“We are pleased to offer Portal26 to customers who are looking for alternatives to common legacy solutions within a modern platform with a rich feature set covering both basic traditional use cases and complex modern requirements,” said Arti Raman, Portal26 CEO and founder. “Transitioning to Portal26 opens up a world of new features and positions enterprises to tackle multiple new use cases with a single investment.”

“As enterprises face new cybersecurity threats and budget pressures simultaneously, consolidation of use cases and platforms has become a powerful strategy,” said Pakshi Rajan, Portal26’s VP of Products. “With a single investment in Portal26, customers can get all the functionality they were accustomed to in the past and also gain coverage for a wide variety of platforms and repositories, support multiple data security techniques such as traditional and format preserving encryption, tokenization, data masking and anonymization, all while improving their security posture by utilizing data-in-use encryption.”

Offering More Than Just A Data Security Solution 

If you’re looking for an encryption specialist to help keep your enterprise data secure, Portal26 is the industry’s most advanced data security and ransomware defense platform that utilizes high-performance encryption-in-use to keep valuable data secure even if the enterprise is breached and its data stolen. 

With the ability to process data without decryption and support ten data security technologies in a single solution, Portal26 is the market’s answer to address ransomware and extortion, insider threats, and data privacy enforcement. 

In addition to cutting-edge encryption-in-use, a single deployment of Portal26 provides the equivalent of five other categories of data security solutions including tokenization. In the event of an attack, Portal26 offers auditable evidence that valuable data retained encryption throughout the attack, thus minimizing compliance as well as notification obligations. 

Portal26 is a Gartner Cool Vendor in Data Security, named vendor in Gartner Hype Cycle for Data Security, named Vendor in Gartner Hype Cycle for Data Privacy, winner of three Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, winner of the coveted SINET16 Security Innovator Award, four Global Infosec Awards at RSAC2022, TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor, and Intellyx Digital Innovator. 

To explore Portal26’s data security solutions in more depth, please schedule a platform demo or browse our full suite of data security products. 

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