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Healthcare’s Generative AI Shift: Optimism & Apprehensions 

The Healthcare Sector is Optimistic, yet Apprehensive About Generative AI, While 79 percent are planning to invest in Generative AI, the same number have experienced a security or misuse incident.

It seems that everyone these days is talking about the powerful impact that Generative AI (GenAI) will have on productivity, and healthcare is no exception.  Yet, the sector is still apprehensive and moving carefully towards adoption of this transformative technology.  These are just some of the findings from Portal26’s State of Generative AI survey, a comprehensive survey of more than 400 C-suite and IT professionals across 12 industry verticals.  

Striking Statistics: Balancing Optimism and Apprehensions in Healthcare AI Adoption

While 79% of respondents see it making their organization more effective, 88% are concerned about privacy, risk and security issues. That concern is real, with 79% having experienced a known GenAI security and/or misuse incident, more than half within the last 6 months. 

It’s no surprise then that 38% have banned or restricted use of GenAI in their organization.  

Still, 79% will or have invested in GenAI, though 67% are still in conversation stages or have yet to start:

  • 17% have an RFP out
  • 46% are in conversation stages
  • 21% have yet to take a first step

Of the 21% that have not yet moved forward, they have cited that they are waiting for specific staffing or additional security protocols to be in place.  

Ensuring Employee Readiness on Healthcare’s Path to GenAI Adoption

Employee training on how to properly use GenAI is also a big concern with 63% very to extremely concerned about proper employee training and 21% somewhat concerned.  

Yet even with those concerns,  59% provided less than 5 hours of training, 29% providing between 5 and 8 hours of training, and  4% no training at all.

Compliance Conundrum: Healthcare Leaders’ Worries Beyond GenAI Adoption

In this regulated and privacy focused segment, it is no surprise that compliance with external and internal rules and regulations is another critical area of concern for healthcare industry leaders.     

  • 54% very to extremely concerned about external compliance and 38% somewhat concerned.
  • 59% very to extremely concerned about internal compliance and 33% somewhat concerned.

Beyond Cybersecurity: Healthcare’s Extended Concerns Surrounding GenAI

Additional concerns around GenAI are very similar to those around cybersecurity, centering around data security, governance and unauthorized tools:  

  • 68% very to extremely concerned about Shadow AI (unsanctioned or unknown use)
  • 71% very to extremely concerned about  IP Protection
  • 71% very to extremely concerned about Governance
  • 55% very to extremely concerned about Data Security

The Road Ahead: Building Responsible GenAI Programs in Healthcare

What’s clear from this survey data is that almost all programs in the healthcare segment are brand new or about to get started. As with any major new technology, a strong program begins with a solid foundation.  

Portal26 Enables Secure and Accelerated GenAI Adoption for Healthcare

Portal26 provides the generative AI visibility, governance, security, education, and analytics all in one platform that provides that essential foundation and tools to build a responsible, effective Gen AI program for the healthcare segment.  

The Portal26 GenAI insight platform addresses key challenges in healthcare adoption by offering the following:

  • Eliminating Shadow AI
  • Enabling enterprises to observe, audit, and investigate all GenAI activity including historical events
  • Visualizing and analyzing GenAI usage, prompts, and productivity
  • Creating, educating, triggering, and enforcing policy
  • Measuring and mitigating GenAI risk
  • Delivering security, privacy, and compliance as it relates to GenAI consumption 
  • Understanding the impact of GenAI usage on business and enabling responsible 

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4 Ways Generative AI Will Impact CISOs and Their Teams

Many business and IT project teams have already launched GenAI initiatives, or will start soon. CISOs and security teams need to prepare for impacts from generative AI in four different areas:

  1. “Defend with” generative cybersecurity AI.
  2. “Attacked by” GenAI.
  3. Secure enterprise initiatives to “build” GenAI applications.
  4. Manage and monitor how the organization “consumes” GenAI.

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