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Generative AI Data Security

Learn To Manage Gen AI Data Security Risks Within The Enterprise

Our cutting-edge Gen AI solutions help businesses navigate the complex world of Gen AI threats while keeping their data safe and secure.

Navigate Gen AI Risks With Confidence

In the age of AI transformation, it is essential to understand and mitigate the data risks that come with Gen AI adoption. Portal26’s Gen AI data security solution gives organizations the insights and tools they need to tackle threats head-on.

Why Is Gen AI Data Security So Important?

Gen AI Data Security is paramount for preserving sensitive information, upholding privacy regulations, and mitigating cyber threats. It ensures data integrity, shields intellectual property, and fosters a foundation of trust in AI-powered operations.

By safeguarding against risks and complying with evolving standards, Gen AI Data Security is essential for a resilient and responsible AI ecosystem.

The Importance Of Protecting Your Organization's Data And Ensuring Responsible
AI Adoption

Uncover Gen AI Data Security Risks With Portal26

The adoption of Gen AI creates multiple risks that need to be addressed:

  • Many security teams are not well-prepared for the complexities of AI adoption in the enterprise, resulting in weak spots.
  • Unmanaged AI, also known as shadow AI, can cause unexpected risks and compliance issues.
  • Artificial intelligence comes with the risk of being exposed to outside sources, which can lead to data breaches, legal issues, intellectual property rights, and more.

Portal26’s Generative AI Data Security Solution lets you link up your GAI systems with other security tools for a unified risk management, and you can also set up security and privacy controls to make sure your data and your customers’ data are safe and secure.

How Portal26’s Gen AI Data Security Capabilities Can Help Protect Your Enterprise

Comprehensive Risk Understanding
Gain a deep understanding of the risks Gen AI adoption poses to your data and intellectual property.
Data Security and Compliance
Make sure your sensitive information and that of your customers is kept safe, compliant, and secure from unauthorized access.
Shadow AI Detection and Mitigation
Prevent Shadow AI Instances from Threatening Your Security and Compliance Efforts.
AI-Ready Security Teams
Give your security teams the tools and knowledge they need to effectively manage AI risks.

Experience Gen AI Data Security Today

Are you ready to strengthen your enterprise’s AI strategy? Schedule a live demo with our specialists to discover how Portal26’s Gen AI data security solutions protect your organization from AI-related threats. Protect your data, meet compliance requirements, and secure your AI journey with Gen AI.

Welcome to the future where AI & data security go hand in hand. Your journey to risk-free adoption of AI begins here.