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Portal26 welcomes Sanjay Srivastava, chief digital officer of Genpact, to its Generative AI Advisory Board 

Portal26, formerly known as Titaniam, has announced the appointment of Sanjay Srivastava, chief digital officer of Genpact, to its Generative AI (GenAI) Advisory Board. 

“Sanjay is one of a handful of humans who is truly in tune with the real challenges facing enterprises as they wrestle with the advent of GenAI and its potential for enabling explosive growth in productivity and revenue,” said Arti Raman, CEO of Portal26. “His wisdom and insights will be welcome as our team navigates this exciting new technology landscape.” 

“GenAI is at once a game changer and an enigma. Not just in terms of the massive potential it represents, but also the practical realities of delivering realizable economic returns, orchestrating organizational processes and operating models, and securing and governing it,” said Srivastava. “In this balance between FOMO (fear of missing out) and FOJI (fear of jumping in), I’ve been impressed with Portal26’s approach to visibility, security, and governance. I’m looking forward to working with the team to help innovate and accelerate the safe, responsible, and ethical use of GenAI across enterprises worldwide.”  

“In today’s complex digital landscape, enterprises are in an unprecedented race to harness the potential of AI to foster better customer relationships, create personalized experiences, and boost return on investment (ROI),” Acevedo said. “However, with great power comes great responsibility. The rise of AI also brings concerns about transparency, ethics, and unintended consequences. Portal26 provides enterprise leaders with unprecedented visibility into where and how GenAI is being utilized inside their organization so they can build trusted, responsible GenAI programs for competitive advantage and achieve GenAI’s promise of unprecedented productivity and revenue gains.”

He joins fellow industry heavy-hitters Sylvia Acevedo, board director at Qualcomm, Kurt John, global CISO at Expedia, and Lu Zhang, founder and managing partner of Fusion Fund on the GenAI Advisory Board.  

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Portal26 (formerly Titaniam) provides the essential foundation for enterprises to safely adopt Generative AI technologies by managing and mitigating risks associated with Shadow AI, employee education, GenAI data security, privacy, and compliance. Portal26 leverages its award-winning security platform to deliver GenAI visibility, policy creation and enforcement, risk management, and employee education. Additionally, it provides critical business context and metrics that enable business leaders to effectively organize their teams and workflows around game-changing Generative AI technology. With Portal26, enterprises now have a solid foundation upon which to build GenAI-driven applications and processes.